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A Girls Guide To Knowing When He's Not Right For You

Not The Right ManEveryone is looking for love, or at least the majority of the world’s population are.  We're looking for that someone to share our adventures, secrets and memories with. The question is: how do you find that ideal someone and when you find the person, how do you know he is right for you?  The saying goes that when its right, you'll just know - say that to someone with rose-tinted honeymoon phase, goggles.  So, while we may not be able to tell you when it is right, it is certainly possible to tell when it is wrong.  This is the girl’s guide to knowing when he is not the right guy and when it's time to move on.

You Feel Uncomfortable Around Him

By uncomfortable I am not referring to the discomfort you feel when you are wearing shoes that don't fit well; although that is something worth taking note of.  By uncomfortable in this instance, we are going to talk about feelings of emotional discomfort when around him.  The most important aspect of any relationship is to be yourself and be willing to share all parts of your personality without concern.  Typically, this is the foundation of the relationship and the reason he should love you; however, if you feel so uncomfortable that you aren't able to express yourself, it may be possible that your mind and body are telling you subconsciously it's time to call it quits.

Keeping Score

"You owe me one!" is generally a humorous comment that should not be taken seriously, or if it is taken seriously should be playful like owing pancakes or a back rub.  In many cases relationships could begin with light-hearted score keeping; however, if your beau continues to do this and pays more attention to the score it may be a sign of insecurity.  A person who constantly needs to prove they are winning at something, lacks confidence and will continue this behaviour.  Unless you are willing to engage in these games, he may not be the right person for you.

Not Sexually Compatible

Sexually Incompatible Couple

Sexual compatibility is a highly important part of any romantic relationship.  By sexual compatibility, we are referring to anything from a brief peck on the lips to full intercourse.  Would you really consider spending your life with another person who fails to make your toes tingle when kissing you?  If you are doing this, you may want to reconsider, when you are continuing in a relationship that lacks sexually appeal.  For some it may be a ‘dry patch’ caused by external influences; but if your partner does nothing for you whatsoever from the beginning, he may not be the guy for you.