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Ending Your Love Relationship

4 Signs You Need To End Your Romantic Relationship

Saying Goodbye To Love

There comes a time in every relationship when you either need to commit or move on. The signs you need to move on are often there, but many people hope to overlook them for fear of being alone. It's still better to get a reality check early on than to realise things aren't going to work out well after you're married with kids. Here are four signs you should end your romantic relationship and move on:

You Feel You Need To Change

Does your partner accept you as you are or do you constantly feel the pressure to change? Asking someone to stop making salad for every lunch and dinner isn't the same thing as being told to drop weight or wear certain clothes. If you constantly feel like whatever you do isn't good enough, it's not a relationship that should continue.

You've Never Been Introduced To Family

Do you know anything about your partner's past and have you met their family members? If not, this could be a serious issue and it could be showing a dark past or hidden intentions. In fact, your love interest may be hiding you from other aspects of their life which could be cause for concern.

You Don't Feel Supported

Of course support comes easy when things are going right and you're happy. What about when you're sad or something bad has happened in your life? Does your partner offer support when you need it the most? If not, you should really think about ending the relationship because a lack of understanding or support is never a good sign.

They Can't Stand Your Family

Your partner doesn't need to love every member of your family, but if they don't respect your relationship with them, it could be serious trouble. If you find that telling your partner that your parents or siblings are coming over is hard to do, your relationship really isn't built to last. At the end of the day, family is important and they shouldn't be removed from your life.

Being in a romantic relationship with someone should make you a better person. You should feel unconditional love and support from your partner, but if that's not happening, you should end the relationship. It can be hard to move on when you've been together for some time, but it can be best to consider a future without one another.